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Automotive cover plate non-woven fabric in the automotive industry is widely used
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Automotive cover plate non-woven fabric in the automotive industry is widely used

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    The application of non-woven fabrics in automobiles is now very widespread. Let's briefly introduce it now. Non woven fabrics play an important role in the automotive market, from cockpit filters and seat covers to trunk linings, soundproofing felt, and carpet fabrics. Since more than 40 years ago, non-woven fabrics have been applied in automotive components, which can be used for sound insulation, air filtration, insulation, enhancement, and to improve the comfort and reliability of passengers. In addition to these advantages, non-woven fabrics are also recognized by many automotive companies as economical materials due to their high strength and durability.

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     The newly developed processes and materials have paved the way for industrial non-woven fabrics to continuously break through the fields traditionally occupied by textiles. Consumers mainly demand low-cost and efficient filtering and sound-absorbing materials for non-woven fabrics used in vehicles. With the continuous launch of new types of non-woven fabrics for vehicles, car manufacturers are researching using these products to replace more expensive materials such as leather seats. Usually unnoticed by drivers or passengers, non-woven fabrics are hidden under seats or carpets, or sewn together with other fabrics to improve strength and durability. The environment-friendly characteristics of non-woven fabrics enable them to replace foam products in automobiles.

     Automobile manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental advantages of non-woven fabrics compared to other materials. Hoping to stop using recyclable foam materials, non-woven fabric manufacturers have developed materials that can replace foam and can be recycled. In addition, they can also be firmly combined with fiberglass and recycled materials, and when stretched, their color is uniform without wrinkles or tears. Although non-woven fabrics give cars many advantages and quickly replace traditional fabrics, the demands of car manufacturers and consumers fundamentally determine the styles and sizes of the most popular cars. Naturally, the number and variety of cars sold in a year will have a significant impact on non-woven fabric manufacturers. In addition to price factors, non-woven fabric suppliers are also working hard to produce products that comply with the automotive recycling regulations that will take effect in Europe in 2006, which require 1% of cars to be recyclable, opening up many  opportunities for recyclable non-woven fabrics. The recycling of cars is receiving more attention in Europe than in the United States, mainly due to the upcoming law in Europe. However, global non-woven fabric manufacturers still assure customers that their products are recyclable. North America is also interested in recycling, but since it is not mandatory, it is not as important or demanding as Europe. European coil manufacturers involved in the automotive industry are implementing new quality management systems to address these regulations.

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    Although some non-woven fabric production enterprises have not fully shifted to producing recyclable automotive products, experts believe that this will be a trend in the coming years. Recyclability is not only beneficial for automobiles, as the demand for pure polyester non-woven fabrics with high fluffiness and no adhesive will increase, but also provides a safer non-woven fabric production process. Both automobile manufacturers and non-woven fabric manufacturers are constantly adjusting to adapt to the changes in the automotive industry, and their research and development activities have not shown any signs of slowing down.

    Non woven fabrics for automobiles are widely used as reinforcement materials for rubber plate frames, composite with rubber to form steel ring sheaths, steering gear connecting rings, sealing strips, composite with modified rubber in mudguards and tire repair pads, as well as in flooring. It can improve the strength, wear resistance, flexibility of components, and extend their service life.




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