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Flame Retardant Felt Pure Pre Oxidized Yarn Black Non-Woven Fabric Felt for Automobile
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Flame Retardant Felt Pure Pre Oxidized Yarn Black Non-Woven Fabric Felt for Automobile

Features: High temperature resistance and corrosion resistance;
Application field: It can be used as a basic material for the production of carbon fibers, mainly for the production of high-temperature sealing fillers, fireproof and flameproof materials, heat-resistant textiles, anti-corrosion filter materials, etc;
Specification: 100-1000G/square meter;
Application: Heat resistant and flame retardant materials;
Fabric for firefighting suits, steelmaking suits, and high-temperature work clothing. Flame retardant aviation products, high-speed train products, tunnel fire prevention, etc;
Features: Fire resistant and non combustible; Acid resistance; Alkali resistance; Durable to washing; Non toxic; There is less smoke.
  • BY-I005


  • 5601229000

Product Description

EN 45545 Fire-proofing Carbon Insulation

Very good electrical insulation with excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance edge performance.Used in a variety of applications that need to be protected from fire and heat sources, Such as thermal protective clothing, spark protection welding blanket, corrugated compensator, carbon fiber reinforced Fabrics for carbon clutches and gearboxes, fire-retardant fibers for aircraft seats, and fire-retardant beds Pads, fabrics for automobile disc brake pads and clutch plates, industrial seals and fillers. One of the biggest applications is in the manufacture of carbon / carbon aircraft brake pads and motor vehicle refractory felts Used as a raw silk.


It can be widely used in car engine room, door sound insulation, car carpet, car roof, trunk carpet, car seat cover, fireproof escape blanket ,high-speed train ( body sound insulation), ship, liner, hotel and bedding, bedsheets, curtains and stage curtains and furniture. In addition

, it has excellent performance in high temperature gas/solid filter medias, building insulation material and thermal insulation to the environment .

pre-oxidized 26

pre-oxidized 17

pre-oxidized 21

pre-oxidized 19

pre-oxidized 16

pre-oxidized 15


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