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Modified High Flame Retardant Felt
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Modified High Flame Retardant Felt

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Modified High Flame Retardant Felt

    Fire hazards are everywhere, with tens of thousands of fires occurring in every year. 

Textile materials are widely used in clothing and household life, and many times textiles become fire inducers, releasing toxic gases that directly cause fires and harm human health.

      In certain special occasions, such as firefighters, steelmakers, welders, chemical factory workers, refinery workers, and oilfield drilling workers, the work clothes worn by them, as well as the combat uniforms of the military battlefield, all require flame retardant function. 

      At the same time, flame retardant requirements are also required to avoid secondary burns. In many civil occasions, such as hotels, auditoriums, stage decorations, as well as seat covers, curtains, and other transportation vehicles such as airplanes, trains, and cars, etc Bedding utensils and other decorations, as well as children's clothing, should also have flame retardant properties.

        High temperature composite felt is developed by our R&D department to meet the application needs of different industries. Mix aramid, pre oxidized fibers, high-temperature modified fibers, PPS, flame retardant adhesive, flame retardant polyester and other fibers in a reasonable proportion to form a felt. The blended felt has high strength, improved flame retardancy, and significantly reduced cost. Solved the problems of insufficient fiber strength, weak flame retardant performance, and low cost-effectiveness. While meeting the requirements of high temperature resistance, it significantly improves the cost-effectiveness of the product, and has excellent performance such as ultra-high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and light weight, which has received unanimous praise from customers.




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