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The Application Range And Characteristics of Absorbent Cotton
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The Application Range And Characteristics of Absorbent Cotton

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The Application Range And Characteristics of Absorbent Cotton

        Water absorbing fiber cotton is a type of water absorbing material made by blending polyester fibers and plant fibers and using needle punching method. At the same time, it is also a functional fiber with a higher water absorption rate than conventional synthetic fibers, with a water absorption capacity of 15-20 times that of itself, and a very wide range of applications.

          Absorbent fiber cotton can be used in various industries such as healthcare, hygiene, filtration, packaging, electronics, flower water retention, plant water retention, fresh water retention, etc., especially suitable for situations that require water absorption filtration and liquid absorption. Water absorbing fiber cotton has the characteristics of high liquid absorption rate, strong liquid retention ability, high temperature resistance, non-toxic, and oil repellent. It has high density, good fracture strength, and countless pores between fibers, which not only ensures breathability but also has excellent water absorption and retention capabilities.

           The electronic fire engine oil absorbing cotton is mainly responsible for absorbing and filtering excess fire engine oil and condensate. There is an atomizer component inside the electronic fire engine, and the fire engine oil will be heated and atomized after passing through the electronic heating element, forming a vapor similar to traditional coiling fire engines. It is similar to conventional coiling fire engines when used. During the atomization process, the fire engine oil absorbing cotton will expand and condense when it encounters air. In order to prevent it from flowing back into the inlet and affecting the taste, the electronic fire engine oil absorbing cotton will play a role.

          The electronic fire uses lipophilic and environmentally friendly polyester fibers as raw materials for oil absorbing cotton, which have the characteristics of oil absorption, filtration, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. It is produced using needle punching technology, with high fiber density, good toughness, non loose cutting, and not easy to shed powder.

          The function of electronic fire absorbent cotton is to absorb oil stains after combustion, prevent dripping and affect use. There are various materials for oil absorption, but fiber material is the most commonly used one. Fiber based oil absorbing cotton can not only be used for oil absorption, but can also be placed in the middle of an electronic flame to store oil.

        The main raw material of electronic fire oil absorbing cotton is polyester fiber, which is formed by combing and laying a mesh, and then formed into a roll shape through a series of combing and needling. Made from lipophilic ultra-fine fibers, without chemical agents, it can quickly absorb liquids such as oil stains, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, and vegetable oils. Electronic fire oil absorbing cotton has the characteristics of fast oil absorption, uniform oil absorption, diffusive oil absorption effect, uniform thickness, good tensile strength, good rebound, and high temperature resistance up to 170 ° C.




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